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Introducing KBR Programmatic

KBR Programmatic offers a full programmatic trading solution like no other.  We have access to the worlds leading Demand Side Platforms but most importantly, our approach to managing your advertising investment is centred on our comprehensive consultative approach.  Lets be honest, the tools are only a fraction of the story with programmatic.  Our approach to using best in market tools to deliver best in market results sets us apart.  There are a number of programmatic trading companies in New Zealand...but not like us.  We have account managers not sales people and our ethos to running programmatic campaigns is built around 3 key pillars that deliver results;  Comprehensive, Transparent, and Control. 


We cater to all buy types, adformats, targeting requirements and programmatic tactics available globally. 

Our options are endless but our account management team are expert digital planners who help you devise a sensible approach to your programmatic needs. 

We don't sell you what works for us, we provide a consultative service that leaves you feeling informed and confident we have your best interests in mind.


We offer you fully transparent pricing.  Hidden costs are the bane of the programmatic industry. 

We simplify this and provide you with a tansparent pricing model.  Speak to us about how we charge for our services and see the exceptional value for money we deliver our clients. 

We deliver weekly campaign reports which keep you informed about the progress of your campaign.  We have nothing to hide so we happily show you everything you need to feel confident in your investment.  


We have a full stack of 4 DSPs that we use to run our programmatic campaigns.  Each with a specific use case, we have full control over our campaigns. 

Through a number of integrations, our technology capabilities allow us to sensibly navigate the complex digital landscape. 

Through Cybersecurity partners and 3rd party digital media auditing software we stop sophisticated invalid traffic from eating up your money. 

We maximise the viewability of your advertising and ensure the quality of your campaign exceeds expectations.