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Our mission is to work with agencies in a consultative manner that builds trust, answers your questions and delivers you and your clients results.


Welcome to KBR Digital

You have just found the answer to your digital advertising dreams.  

We are proud to be a local New Zealand business providing full digital advertising services to amazing kiwi agencies.

If you are looking to partner with a business who values a consultative approach, you have come to the right place.  We aren't in it for the quick buck.  We strive to make the digital advertising world a better place and to do that we need to deliver results that matter to our clients.

We are digital advertising experts and we offer solutions for all digital advertising campaign types.  

Need Programmatic? We've got you covered. Need Search and Social? We are your team.

Whatever you need, we can help.  So give us a call or a send us a message. 


who we are

Digital Advertising Navigators

Digital advertising can be complicated. Forget the jargon and the acronyms, we make it simple.

Our mission is to work with you to create, build and execute smart and sensible digital advertising campaigns that deliver results for your clients.


Built by experts.

KBR offers a full digital media service.

Our experienced and dedicated team are passionate about de-mystifying the digital spiel and working with you to build and execute smart and sensible digital advertising campaigns that deliver meaningful results.

We are proud to offer a full suite of digital advertising solutions that are powered by some of the largest technology businesses in the world.



KBR helps agencies develop sensible strategic approaches for their clients using digital channels.  We have a number of platforms and technology subscriptions at our finger tips to aid our process.

We offer a full bespoke planning service using all forms of digital media.  We use your media planning templates to ensure your work is on brand.  An important part of our process is mapping out campaign success metrics including analysing landing pages and the path to conversion.



Our buying capabilities are comprehensive.  We deliver full cross channel solutions for our agencies that include programmatic, search and social.  

Our tech stack includes the leading global platforms and our team are highly trained to deliver the best results.  With KBR as your trading partner you can feel confident you are delivering your clients a world class service.  

Our trading team are laser focused on optimising your campaigns and ensure your performance reports show positive results you can be proud of.  



An important discipline that KBR prides itself on is campaign management.  Managing the setup of campaigns including 3rd party adserving and optimising your campaigns is critical to our success.  

We manage the tagging requirements for your client to ensure our campaigns show value based on objectives. 

Our team ensures your campaigns deliver against planned KPIs and we generate thorough reports that outline delivery, performance and insights.  

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Introducing KBR Digitales

KBR Digital are a proud and important part of the digital media industry in New Zealand.  We work with a lot of amazing agencies and part of our service is to educate and support their technology and digital media journey.  KBR Digitales is a place that you can come to learn about some of the new technologies in the advertising world and be part of the conversation.  So pull up a chair and join the conversation.  Welcome!


DYnamic creative optimisation

Dynamic creative optimisation is a form of programmatic advertising, but it isn't the only way to tap into it. Programmatic advertising spans a robust spectrum of technologies while dynamic creative optimisation is a specialised tool within that framework. Two popular ways that dynamic creative optimisation is used in New Zealand include refining audience sectors within a data management platform (DMP) and product retargeting. 


blockchain in digital advertising

Blockchain is poised to revolutionize digital advertising in ways that bring a transparency to the industry that's been sorely lacking for quite some time. Previously, the method of purchasing advertising in New Zealand -- like much of the world -- consisted of an agreement between the client and the agency regarding the type of media to be used. With the advent of digital solutions,  programmatic advertising and ad tech that paved the way for a range of measurement metrics and ad servers, the pathway between a client and their advertising has become murky. 


nfc in advertising

Near field communication (NFC) is a fairly underutilized technology that has the potential to seamlessly connect print advertising with its digital counterparts in such a way that the New Zealand market will never be the same. While adoption -- and even awareness of it -- has been quite slow, this will inevitably change as businesses continue to struggle to convert offline consumer engagement to its online counterparts.  

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